News is seeping out about the content of Mark Latham’s diaries, to be
published later this year by Melbourne University Press. Crikey has
been told that these are among the key ingredients of the book:

  • Latham believes the Labor Party is “finished” and cannot be revived.
  • He launches a series of vitriolic attacks on current leader Kim Beazley.

  • He blames last year’s election defeat on Labor’s poor
    advertising campaign, among other factors, and says ALP federal
    secretary Tim Gartrell didn’t show him the advertising before it went
    to air.
  • Latham comes across as a “mysoginist and racist” in parts of the book.

And although it’s being touted as a detailed diary kept by Latham
since he entered parliament, there seems to be some question about
whether it’s a true diary or one that has been “refreshed” with