Yikes, there have been some
terrifying experiences over the years. But nothing compares with the
prospect of being Jon Faine for a day on Friday.

Victoria morning host will be joining most of his local radio
colleagues in Adelaide for the day for the annual ABC local radio
awards, so you can expect to hear fill-ins across the country –
although none will be as terrified as me. Having to talk to Gabriel
Gate about cooking for 20 minutes will certainly be a first for someone
who still hasn’t mastered scrambled eggs.

Faine, who’s been
doing the 8:30am to midday shift since 1997, has become quite an
institution in Melbourne. That’s almost 6,000 hours of broadcasting,
which was preceded by several more years on the ABC, including hosting The Law Report for four years.

is the highest-rating ABC morning host in the country and briefly beat
3AW’s Neil Mitchell to win the overall ratings last year. He’s a very
good generalist who can hold his own on most topics. On the other hand,
I’m a specialist with huge gaps, so the terror revolves around having
discuss something I know nothing about.

Melbourne is the
talkback radio capital of the world because no other city anywhere can
claim that music falls below 70% of the overall audience on a regular
basis. Melbourne listeners to Aunty also tend to give more feedback
than any other city – passions run deep about 774 in Melbourne, so some
certainly won’t be happy to have an amateur in the chair on Friday

There will be several hours of training this afternoon,
but if anyone has any radio tips please send them through to
[email protected] You never know what stories are going to break on
the day, but Friday morning will almost certainly involve some
discussion of Thursday’s British elections.

Friday features a
regular television segment, so Glenn Dyer is helping with the
preparation for that. Aden Ridgeway will be coming in so send in your
Aden stories and we’ll also be looking at Morry Schwartz’s new magazine
The Monthly, which was launched in Melbourne last night. If you’ve seen it, let us know what you think.

if you’re a powerful player with a great story to tell who doesn’t mind
doing a bit of radio, why not drop us a line and reach an audience of
up to 200,000 on Friday morning.

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