Glenn Milne

The Australian

“PM’s loose talk sparks tensions”
From here on, says Milne, “every
comment or action by either Howard or Costello will be viewed through
the distorting prism of their increasingly visceral leadership
contest.” It will be the same for the Government as a whole, which
“will increasingly become gridlocked. All decisions will be weighed
against the impact they have on either man’s ambitions.” And while
Howard and Costello will “continue with the business of government,”
their relations are now “shot through with suspicion … the trust, if
there was any left after Howard dudded Costello on the leadership
transition in mid 2003, has now completely gone.” And although Howard
“still has the power of incumbency,” his “ill-discipline and
self-indulgence in Athens has already ceded Costello the moral
ascendancy and the political momentum.” Read here.
Crikey Says: The view from the Costello camp is argued with a lot of class, and maybe even a bit of logic.


Paul Sheehan

Sydney Morning Herald

“A matter of where life is cheaper

Crikey Says: If the idea is to get noticed for unconventional opinions, tick the box. As for the logic, well that’s another matter.


Shaun Carney

The Age

“Bringing Latham to book”

Crikey Says: Not a lot of insight or surprise, in fact not a lot anything except regurgitation.


Michael Duffy

Sydney Morning Herald

“You can’t see the bush for the trees”

Crikey Says: A thoughtful if not particularly PC column that should at least do what good columns rarely do: get readers thinking.





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