Melbourne University publisher Louise Adler was on ABC local radio in Sydney this morning with Sally Loane, gushing about her coup in signing up the Latham Diaries. Adler wouldn’t talk money (“that’s commercial-in-confidence, Sally”). She said she had dinner with Latham on Saturday night and he was in “fine form”, but she wouldn’t even say if his short buzz cut had grown out.

She said the Latham diaries were “extraordinary reading”. “It’s a very human story… he appeals to people… and it’s the first time the leader of a major Australian political party has published his diaries.” Alder said Latham brought the diaries to MUP, not a manuscript, just the diaries. “He didn’t come to MUP for money” she said. He came because of our quality, was Alder’s line. And she assured listeners that Latham would be speaking after publication later this year.

CRIKEY: We called Louise on Friday to check rumours MUP had won the rights to publish the diaries and she refused to comment. Now we know why.