International man of mystery and bankrupt SOB (son of Bill) Andrew Landeryou spent the weekend languishing behind bars in the Melbourne Custody Centre after his arrest on Friday at Melbourne Airport. Infamous in ALP circles for his involvement in brawls on the floor of state party conferences, Landeryou bizarrely refused offers to apply for bail and then reversed his decision after family members became worried. He was finally released on bail this morning.

ALP insiders say Landeryou decided to remain in the clink because he literally had nowhere else to go. He’s said to be homeless, single and broke after the proceeds from lucrative contracts signed off with other members of the Melbourne University campus Right ran out. Solomon Lew’s got his former house, and estranged wife and ex-Melbourne City Councilor Kimberley Kitching is bankrupt after statistics company IQ Corp went belly up.

Now the labyrinthine structures of the ALP Right are set to be scrutinised as the full extent of the money trail becomes clear. One of Landeryou’s shady companies, Optima Property Development, shares a director with aggressive ALP membership seekers “Citizens Against Poverty” and allegations are rife that student money was used to finance branch stacking operations in the Federal seat of Corio.

Sadly, several members of Landeryou’s crew appear to believe the proceedings against them are politically motivated and sure to blow over. 2003 MUSU President and Landeryou associate Scott Crawford has even ploughed ahead with his dubious bid for a seat on the Banyule Council. However, the future for Landeryou looks grim. His regular legal team, Schetzer, Brott and Appel jumped ship when Solly Lew poached them to recoup $3 million from their former client in relation to IQ Corp (the ‘Brott’ in question is Michael Brott, uncle of Gidon Brott, whose withdrawal from the 2003 MUSU elections handed Crawford another term as President). Substitute solicitor Rob Stary will have all this and plenty more to ponder before Son of Bill returns to face tenacious liquidator Dean McVeigh in the Supreme Court on Thursday.