Cyber-space is such an amorphous beast that keeping track of interesting sites as they rise and fall requires an army of 20,000 assistants, something we’re lucky to have in the Crikey army.

An Australian who has spent several years in the often political stifling environments of Asia recommends the following sites:


For political satire the best on offer is, which is not what it sounds like. Go here for the best political forum in Singapore and try for a bizarre mix of p*rn and quite “intellectual” online political forums at the “coffee shop” section.

Malaysia – the best independent news site in Malaysia that has been subject to police raids and had computers confiscated, but survived the Mahathir regime. Its editor, Steven Gan, went to an Australian university.


Tehelka took India by storm a few years back and it’s good to see it’s back in the game. However, the court battles over some of its journalistic tactics and stories continue, as you can see from this report in The Times of India.

We tried three years ago to build a list of Crikey equivalents around the world, but didn’t get very far. But it’s worth having another shot, so if there’s a foreign website you reckon we should list for its feisty independence and commentary, email it through to [email protected].