Former Australian Democrats leader and defector to the Labor Party,
Cheryl Kernot – and more recently the director of learning at the
London School for Social Entrepreneurs – weighs in on “The master of
the dog whistle” in today’s edition of The Guardian

the Westminster village has been preoccupied with the big picture of
national issues,” she writes, “Crosby will have been orchestrating
campaigns of personal attacks and innuendo in marginal constituencies:
that the Labour sitting member is not a local, that they are more
interested in seeking a place on the front bench, that they are soft on

She continues: “Crosby’s tactics
represent a truly serious threat to the civility and robustness of
British democracy and the way most politics is conducted in this
country. It may be all downwards from here on. A ‘colonial’ legacy of
the worst kind!”

And concludes: “As that hero of conservatives
Ayn Rand says: ‘The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but
the sanction you give it’.”

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