Computer company Apple might have a great reputation for innovation and design. But it’s emerging as a bully and a thug.

Why? Because Apple wants to ban a book it doesn’t like – as The Sydney Morning Herald
reports here
. The offending publisher is the respectable business books group, John Wiley, which is planning to release iCon Steve Jobs: The Second Greatest Act in the History of Business

in June. But Apple wants it banned.

book is written by Jeffrey Young who says Apple founder Steve Jobs (who
has a legendary ego and temper) has nothing to fear. “It’s a chronicle
of his rise as an innovator and entrepreneur and includes details of
his personal life, such as his divorce and fight with cancer”.

Apple isn’t interested. The company has retaliated by removing hundreds
of John Wiley titles from Apple bookshops around the world.

recent months Apple has also sued unnamed individuals who allegedly
leaked information to websites, it’s chasing three online journalists
who wrote about secret Apple products, and it sued a 19-year-old net
publisher for disclosing details of the Mac mini computer.