Korrespondence for the Klan Khemlani from the Federal Member for Ryan, Michael Johnson, arrives at Krikey and breaks a long silence. What message has he got for this loyal party membership? Well, it’s AGM time for the Ryan electorate committee, and he has a ticket he wants the rank and file to vote for with “full responsibility for managing the Ryan Member’s Federal election campaign and pre-selection”. “Pre-selection?” Run that past us again. Pre-selection. Managing the pre-selection. Does that fit in with the spirit – or the letter – of the Queensland Liberal Party constitution?

Khemlani’s kommands kome after a recent story in the Kourier (stop it!) Mail on Ryan – Faction rifts threaten to tear Lib branch apart again – reporting that Khemlani’s kompetitor for the Ryan preselection, Steven Huang, will run for the electorate committee – as is every party member’s right. The yarn was made much bigger by Khemlani’s komments that “he was aware of the move and concerned it was likely to lead to a fresh attempt to challenge his preselection”.

Once again, we learn that subtlety is not one of Khemlani’s strong points – and how that means that kontroversy and Khemlani are never far apart.