Full marks to The Australian for yesterday’s Anzac Day editorial which certainly put Jo Bjelke Petersen into perspective. The white gloves brigade should read it and hang their collective heads in shame. But the Australian viceroy, Major General Michael Jeffery, again broke with tradition and stepped right into the political puddle. Is there no-one at Government House who can write a job description for our model of a modern major general? The role of the viceroy or governor general is not to eulogise dead state premiers, particularly one like Bjelke Peterson whose racism, intolerance and hatred of constitutional government gave rise to the likes of Pauline Hanson and her ilk and exposed the dark underbelly of Australia.

On matters royal, the British media had a hide accusing Australian journalists of being unkind to the next Queen of Australia. Over the weekend, the London newspapers – even the venerable right wing Daily Telegraph – reported that Camilla has received “bags” of hate mail since her adulterous relationship with our next king was legalsed. One newspaper reported that Joan Collins, on hearing a film was to be made of Camilla’s life, asked if she could star. She is reported to have said: “I’d love that role. I could ugly myself up to look like Camilla”.

Some things are really better left unsaid.