Dear Crikey,

I confess that, unlike Barry Everingham, I am not
in a position to confirm or deny the Duke of Edinburgh’s comments on the 1999
referendum result. I can confirm, however, that had the Duke made his opinions
known to me prior to the event I would still have voted ‘No’. Republicans seem
to have a far greater fixation with the Royal Family than does the average
Constitutional Monarchist, which probably explains their delight in gossip,
hearsay, ridicule, innuendo, and second hand opinions..

The most tedious thing about republicans nowadays
is that they are still banging away at the same old drum that failed them in
1999. Five and a half years have passed since the
referendum and if anything new has been said I have missed it. The Corowa (rich)
people’s conference produced nothing more than luke-warm air, the republicans on
the devious Senate committee have returned to the holes from whence they came,
and the ARM website has less appeal than late night shopping in Moonee

If there are republican legions toiling away on a
dramatic plan to inspire the masses to march in the streets and call for the end
of the House of Windsor I wish they would get on with it, as it is becoming
awfully boring in the Monarchist trenches.


David Horkan.

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