I work for Kaz and we are in the process of being assimilated into the
Telstra corporation. The assimilation process is completely destroying the
original company’s culture and staff are voting with their feet. But staff
aren’t the only unhappy ones, Kaz’s customers are turning away in droves because
they don’t like the sales pitch.

We’ve recently been receiving ‘All Staff News’ and the following item caught
my eye:

“Travel Some confusion exists around international travel requests. All
international travel must be signed off by Ziggy Switkowski personally. At least
2 weeks notice must be given, but if you have any confusion, send an email
through your manager and we will provide further clarification.”

So the guy who provides strategic direction to a $4billion enterprise with
36,000 staff spends a couple of hours each week approving travel requests worth
less than $10,000.