There’s a nice old story doing the
rounds of the Nine Network that goes something like this: Chris Taylor
is coming home to run the Nine Network and work is underway to prepare
an office for him at Willoughby. Taylor is the aggressive young chap
making a success with limited resources in New Zealand with PBL’s
half-owned Prime TV operation in that country. Crikey profiled him last month

so the story goes, will take up his office on the third floor at
Willoughby and wait and watch for his time to strike and supplant Kerry
Packer’s godson, David Gyngell. Well that rumour is intriguing enough,
but it seems there’s only a small element of truth to it. An office is
being fitted out on the third floor for someone called Taylor but it
seems it’s Lynton, Chris’s dad. He’s left the IMG management company
(Octagon, TWI) and the betting is that he’s another Nine veteran
returning to the fold at the time of the network’s darkest hour.