Aw! Ain’t that sweet. ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope might be
silly enough to employ hippies who go round graffitiing his city, but
that’s only ‘cos he’s such a softie. When his former staffer Aidan
Bruford was forced out the door on Monday after being sprung
stencilling up an anti-John Howard message, the Chief Minister released
an anodyne “Jon Stanhope announced with regret today the resignation of
his Environment Advisor…” statement – with a twist. Bruford’s
resignation letter was attached – and wasn’t it all so cute:

Dear Jon

This letter is to advise you that I have decided to resign.

understand that you do not support my decision, which, I think,
reflects and is a credit to your tendency to make decisions based on
what you think is right, rather than what is good for you politically.
Thank you for your loyalty.

I sincerely apologise to you for the political embarrassment that I have caused you.

have been a fantastic boss, and, despite being your occasional
propensity to be a moody bugger, have been a pleasure to work for.

Best wishes for the future.

Aidan Bruford

The whole lovely, lovely story is here