Barry Everingham’s contributions
have gone beyond being merely banal and have reached the ridiculous.
Attempting to persuade us that he has the inside line on regal and
vice-regal conversations is silly enough, but the motives behind his
labelling The Constitutional Education Fund of Australia “ultra right
wing” are so obvious that a dead cat couldn’t miss them.

wonder how republican CEF-A foundation councillors such as Professors
George Winterton and Greg Craven feel about such comments. I can
understand why the less scrupulous republicans would wish to discredit
any organisation that encourages people to educate themselves in the
workings of the Constitution, but there should be some attempt at
subtlety. If Australia is ever to become a republic it will be
necessary to persuade people like me to vote for it, and to be
convinced of the rectitude and intelligence of the proponents of a new
system. If Everingham is a typical republican I would sooner endorse a
return to the divine right of Kings.

Angus from Grafton writes:

Re: 16 Paple Vote

Cardinals wear red. Bishops wear purple.

Peter Fray

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