Eric… I don’t understand this story at all… not sure if we should run it or perhaps hold and get an edit on it…

Christian Kerr writes:

news in New South Wales was dominated by drive-by shootings in The
Rocks. Were they linked to the Jihadists in the local Libs?

Catholics recruited to the Liberal Party by the Christian right
allegedly flashed pistols to intimidate opponents at a meeting to
establish a new branch, according to a complaint lodged with NSW
Liberal headquarters,” The Sydney Morning Herald

reports today.

Last week’s Telegraph

piece on the holy warriors quoted an anonymous moderate saying their
Osama, Upper House MP David Clarke, is “going around Coptic Churches.
He’s trying to recruit from Opus Dei and Hillsong”. Are they also
recruiting Lebanese Druze militiamen?

isn’t the first time guns have appeared in the stacking wars. They were
flashed at the brawl at the Croatian Club inn Punchbowl last year when
the hard right moved on the Bankstown Young Liberals.

All the ALP factions do is bash people. This must be doing wonders for John Brogden’s laura norder credentials.