By Stephen Mayne

We’re still mulling over the Crikey survey we conducted at the time of the handover in early March, and pollster Gary Morgan has been getting stuck into us for not releasing enough of the results – which he claims were fantastic.

In terms of what the Crikey community is interested in, it came as no great surprise that politics was top of the pops but the strength of the interest was certainly interesting. Business and media were still popular, but well off the rating of politics, and sport was well down the pecking order. The question was for subscribers to reveal their “level of interest” and we’ll let all the figures do the talking:

Very low: 1%
Fairly low: 3%
Fairly high: 24%
Very high: 72%

Very low: 4%
Fairly low: 19%
Fairly high: 34%
Very high: 42%

Very low: 5%
Fairly low: 25%
Fairly high: 40%
Very high: 30%

Very low: 36%
Fairly low: 30%
Fairly high: 25%
Very high: 9%