The perils of rationalising and centralising all your operations into
one main centre or hub have been underlined by the Seven Network’s
embarrassing loss of transmission across the country last
night, right in the middle of the most interesting bit of Blue Heelers
the identity of the stalker.

While we will be able to watch a special double episode next week, the incident isn’t confined to Seven. It could strike any
of the networks, including the ABC and SBS. Indeed it hit Ten a
fortnight ago on a Wednesday night.

That noise you hear is the standby generators and the standby slides and voiceovers being tested at the other networks today.

Nine won the night with a 31.2% share to Ten second with 25.9% (the
first episode of the Jamie Oliver special, Jamie’s School Dinners , rated very well), Seven with
23.2%, the ABC with 15.2% and SBS with 4.5%. Seven’s average share was
only 1% down on the previous week.

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