taxi driver Ray Hadley has always been one of those aggressive clowns
who give talkback radio a bad name, so it’s hard to know whose side to
take in yesterday’s shouting match with foreign minister Alexander
Downer over child abuse claims at flash Bali hotels.

Downer’s website has media appearance updates from both Tuesday and
Wednesday but not his bollocking from Hadley, the 2GB shock jock who
follows Liberal Party propagandist Alan Jones each morning and signed a
seven year deal with John Singleton a couple of years back.

ever loyal 2GB program director John Brennan was trying to prevent the
release of the pictures of the exchange yesterday and but audio is a
little harder to suppress and Crikey hereby makes it available through this link.

The key exchange was as follows:

TAXI DRIVER: How many children do you have, and would you be happy for
your children to be going to the Little Star Club at the Sheraton Nusa
Dua, knowing a three-year-old contracted gonorrhea? Yes or no?

LEX LOSER: If I was, if I was rude to you, I would say that that is a preposterous thing to say. Obviously…

FORMER TAX DRIVER: You’re a pompous dope. That’s what you are. You’re a pompous dope.

LEX LOSER: Don’t be so bloody rude.

FORMER TAXI DRIVER: No, I’ll be more than rude to you. You’re a disgraceful… you’re a disgrace.

LEX LOSER: Nobody on earth would put their children, really, you’re just so over the top.

Hadley has form when it comes to abusive sprays. Who can forget this little effort attacking 2GB program director Justin Kelly from Athens last year.

Aunty is normally reluctant to give shock jocks more air time than they deserve but PM couldn’t resist the temptation yesterday as you can see here.