Miracle water advocate Paul Sheehan is finding that the wonder water he’s been promoting in the pages of the SMH may not be good for anxiety. The Australian‘s media diarist Amanda Meade has followed up our story on Sheehan’s claims of workplace harassment, reporting that the Herald
columnist has taken leave because of ill-health and stress, complaining
to management about his treatment at the hands of his colleagues.

Writes Meade: “If Sheehan is indeed claiming he has been bullied by
colleagues for his political views – he is conservative – it is rather
surprising, as his attacks on Australian journalists in his book The Electronic Whorehouse are notorious.”

We understand that Sheehan has, in fact, filed a compensation claim
alleging harassment by colleagues. We await further developments with
interest – including a sensible response by Whitehead to the accusation
that he is effectively gagging the protagonists in the wonder water
saga. Check out Meade’s report here.