Did you notice that SBS’s Nigel
Milan, chief executive of a government-owned, independent national
broadcaster, attended the Brogden fundraiser on Monday, as reported in the Sydney Morning HeraldCBD column ?
Can anyone recall when the CEO of a statutory corporation last so
blatantly nailed his colours to the mast? One can only wonder what
Jillian Broadbent, SBS director (and Reserve Bank board member) thinks
about this.

Or is it just Nigel looking for a job now that he knows he’s on the nose at SBS?

CRIKEY: ABC chairman Donald McDonald quite
infamously paid tribute to John Howard at a Sydney fundraiser during
the 1998 election campaign and earned himself several rebukes in the
media. However, that doesn’t make Milan’s attendance any more
defensible, especially given that he’s the CEO, not just a
non-executive chairman like Donald.