Seven won Tuesday night thanks to Dancing with the Stars with the tantalising Daryl Somers as host. More than 1.9 million
viewers tuned in again. Why does he want to return to the Nine Network
with those numbers?

But Seven’s effort wasn’t confined the Dazza’s dancers. Today Tonight again clearly beat Nine’s A Current Affair, which continues to lurch along, a couple of hundred thousand viewers behind its competitor.

The change in management at the top of the program three weeks ago has
so far not shown up in improved performance, although there’s greater
concentration (according to people on the program) on forward planning
and writing Ray Martin’s links and story scripts. Today Tonight is still more direct and punchier than ACA.

Seven News beat Nine News by only 14,000 viewers
nationally, the second win in successive nights, with 29,000 more
viewers in Sydney than the Mark Ferguson read News on Nine. But by the time Today Tonight had finished, the gap had grown to an average of 218,000 people, a massive turn-off. That helped Home and Away maintain a similar gap of Nine’s repeat of Frasier.

Today Tonight was actually the second most watched program across the five major markets last night after Dancing. Nine’s repeat of CSI (they
are trying to conserve new episodes of this program, such is the
desperate state of their inventory at the moment) was 4th, after
Seven’s Home and Away (a stalker stalks is the story line).

Seven won the night with a share of 33.1% – its strongest night
so far this week. Nine was second with 28.9%, Ten third with 20.2%,
followed by the ABC with 14% and SBS with 3.7%.

Kerry O’Brien is still on holiday and ratings for the ABC’s 7.30 Report
with Maxine McKew were weaker – down to only 805,000 viewers. An oddity
was the weakness of the ABC in Sydney where it got a share of only
11.7%, sharply under its national average and well behind Seven with a
massive 36.7% share.

Overall Seven won in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, but the CSI combination pushed Nine to a win in Brisbane.