News Corp papers papers (except The Australian) will be half price on April 21 thanks to a promotion by the Oral B people who are launching a new product.

New sports magazine from News Corp. for third quarter
News Corp has almost completed development of its new monthly sports magazine and is slated to launch in August. The cover price is expected to be $2.00 with sales tied to News Corp product – buy this and get that for $2. Writing and layout style is expected to be accessible to male and female readers. The finished product is expected to have a classy feel and look – to attract the right mix of female readers and therefore interested advertisers. News are internally talking this us as their most significant launch in many years.

An anonymous Brisbane media worker writes:

Lachlan Murdoch’s baby project, Queensland Newspapers, is set to launch a new look for its Quest group of local papers. The revamp reflects the changing demographics of Brisbane, in which once poor industrial suburbs are now resplendent with Devine Towers, café lifestyles and digital everything.

However, word has filtered out of a costly and frantic pulping exercise, triggered when Murdoch Junior got wind of the approved new name of one of the titles destined for the leafy inner northern suburbs (the stamping ground of the late, lamented Lady Ascot Clayfield Hamilton).

Seems Lachie was less than impressed with the title, “Uptown News”. And once he made his opinion known, the only sound louder than the grinding to a halt of the printing press, were the mutterings of a string of executives, each claiming to have never really liked the name anyway.