Glenn Dyer lacks a few facts when he attempts to besmirch the National
Farmers’ Federation and its commercial arrangements with Telstra.
Firstly, the membership of NFF consists of State and Commodity farming
organisations not individuals as such. So for someone like Donald
McGauchie; his membership would be of a State Farm Organisation,
presumably the Victorian Farmers’ Federation which in turn is a full
member of the NFF. These Organisations have a range of commercial
arrangements for products like fertilizers, vehicles and legal services.

The NFF’s Telstra discount scheme is very well known around rural
Australia and has been for many years. What company wouldn’t be
interested in a commercial arrangement with an national organisation
representing over 50,000 small businesses? Especially when an
aggressive competitor, Optus was undercutting its prices around rural

is hardly “buying” influence when you consider that the NFF’s largest
member, the NSW Farmers’ Association is actively campaigning around NSW
with its “T3 = Disconnected – Deserted – Disrespected” Campaign bus and
giant tin can telephone trailer!