We really shouldn’t indulge Peter Beattie – but the very first line of this press release yesterday had us hooked:

Smart State Exports Sumo-Wrestling Cows To Japan.

Queensland has long been famous for the quality of the beef we export to Japan but the technology involved in producing the wrestling cows is an example of Queensland’s growing reputation as Australia’s Smart State,” said Mr Beattie. Japanese television viewers are being amused by the sight of the wrestling cows in a commercial for Glico ice cream, thanks to the ingenuity of Smart State post-production company Cutting Edge. The success of Cutting Edge demonstrates that Queensland companies can compete and win in the toughest markets of the world by adopting a high-tech approach. Japan has led the world in many aspects of creating images on screens but Cutting Edge yadda yadda yadda….

If you want someone to take it out on, the release lists Steve Bishop on 07 3224 4500 as the contact.