The 30-something editors continue to arrive and we now really doubt there are many out there who got their first editing gig after 40. The latest additions include:

Derryn Hinch: Sydney Sun at 32
Peter Wylie: The Adelaide News at 38 and Daily Mirror at 39
Zell Rabin: The Daily Mirror at 30

A Sydney subscriber explains about Zell: “The list would not be complete without the great Zell Rabin who at the age of 30 rescued the Daily Mirror in Sydney and helped give Rupert Murdoch the leg-up he needed at that time. He died at the age of 34 and certainly was not a WASP but a Lithuanian.” Check out the expanded young editors list here.

Meanwhile, the Fave Dave Raves also keep coming in. An old Adelaide uni student writes:

Hi Crikey,

I thought your readers might like to know that during his university days, Mr Penberthy was lead singer of a band of dubious taste and quality called “Cervesa y Putas”. From my observations he usually sang after multiple “cervesas”!

A magazine editor writes:

David Penberthy is a mate of a mate (you know how we South Australians are). Here is a link to one of their adventures involving that HR Holden Penbo got around in during the lead-up to the 2001 election. I understand Crikey was an
HT man, as am I, but the old HR was a fine beast in its day.

Marcus Casey’s move

Finally, we should clarify Penbo’s move to relieve Marcus Casey of the television round. Rather than being dumped on to the general reporting round, Casey will be a senior writer on The Tele and will be contributing to the Saturday Inside Edition section, writing other features as well as pieces for news.

Feedback and tips for the young editors and Penbo files to [email protected].

Peter Fray

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