Daryl Somers is up to his old tricks, “Will or won’t I sign up for another series of Dancing with the Stars?
” He’s a bit of an old flirt is our Dazza, he tried this one before the
start of series two, with a bit of eye fluttering with his old
employers at the Nine Network. Nine’s desperate programming chief,
Michael Healy rang Somers to discuss projects and options, but after
publicly agonising (enough for Seven to sweat a little) Dazza stayed
with Seven.

Healy’s call only came after the first series of Dancing was an immediate hit late last year. One of the Nine options was the hosting of Starstruck – now
that would have been a comeback-ending move. In fact it would have
short-circuited Daz completely. Fancy dying with a dying program on the
worst TV night of the week! Talk about ignominy. But Dazza’s better
sense and survival instinct prevailed and he went with Seven and series
two of Dancing with the Stars.

Dancing’s second series audience is higher than the first at
between 1.8 million and 1.9 million people on Tuesday nights. Fancy
wanting to give that up! Starstruck , a favourite of Michael Healy, based on the UK With Stars in their Eyes, has been buried in the graveyard of Australian TV, Saturday nights, after failing to garner any real interest from viewers.

Peter Fray

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