Dear Crikey,

Christian Kerr is really making himself look silly with his incessant anti-Greens hysteria.

Christian is well aware that proportional representation is the fairest type of electoral system. To support anything else is to oppose democracy. From Iraq to Europe to New Zealand it is the norm. It's based on the radical principle of one vote one value. If a party gets 6% of the vote it gets 6% of the seats, if it gets 60% of the vote it gets 60% of the seats.

It is undeniable that political parties in Australia, as in Britain and the US, continue to be elected to government with far less than 50% of the vote. Proportional representation would correct this and help bust up the political duopoly. It's competition reform for politics.

Christian chose to quote my letter out of context. I was responding to a claim that the Howard government secured control of the House of Representatives and the Senate after receiving a majority of the votes. This simply isn't so.

Let's get the facts on the Senate result straight once more.

There were 40 Senate seats decided at the 2004 election. The Greens secured 5% of the seats (two spots) on 7.67% of the national vote. The ALP won 40% of the seats on 35.02% of the national vote. The Coalition won 52.5% of the Senate seats yet received only 45.09% of the national vote. Family First won 2.5% of the seats (1 spot) on 1.76% of the national vote. So the Greens came off worst – mostly because of Labor's decision, againt the wishes of most of its voters, to preference the Christian fundamentalists.

My letter to The Australian contained full disclosure that I am Bob Brown's adviser. The Australian chose not to print those details. A fact that could have been checked with me with one simple call. But why let the facts get in the way of a good Greens bash, eh Christian?

Ben Oquist