The initial results of
yesterday Crikey/Roy Morgan Poll have just landed in our inbox and they
make fascinating reading. So what did we find out?

Well, 55%
of the 309 readers who have so far responded to our survey thought the
Reserve Bank did the right thing in holding interest rates steady.
Which means 45% of your want to pay more more on your mortgages! Or
maybe what these figures really tell us is there are plenty of economic
boffins among Crikey readers, which is good for us, and no so good for The Fin Review.

there’s quite a skew to the left. Only 33% of you approve of the Prime
Minister, which might seem a a trifle harsh until you look at the
figures showing voting intentions. Only 28% of Crikey readers say they
will vote for the Libs, 42% for Labor, 16% for the Greens and 5% for

Being the self-obsessed egomaniacs that we are we
couldn’t help asking a few questions about ourselves. Only 6% of you
said you didn’t like the new Crikey format at all, and judging by the
emails we get each day that means every one of you who didn’t like it
has already sent an email to let us know.

And only 18% of you
thought Crikey had a low or very low entertainment value, which isn’t
too bad, but it’s a figure we’d really like to improve. The best news
in the whole survey was that 95% of you believe we’re independent in
our communication with you. Which I’m taking to mean, optimist that I
am, that even when you hate what we say you recognise and appreciate
that we’re trying to be different to the other media and publish things
the others won’t.

Oh, and 80 per cent of you are blokes. But
here’s the real question (and the one we forgot to ask): are you snags
or lads? Should we be doing items about face-cream for men, or
seriously considering the Internet equivalent of a page three girl for
Crikey? Perhaps it’s time for another survey, or maybe you can just let
us know what you reckon at [email protected].