see that Andrew Bolt has had a spray at the “lefties” again in a recent
letter to Crikey. It’s obvious from Bolt’s columns that he has
absolutely no understanding of science, statistics or history. Does he
in fact have any qualifications for writing opinion pieces apart from
his strong opinions and his arrogance?

And pedant Richard Laidlaw weighs in:

Hughes, like many of us out here in the spelling paddock, is destined
for disappointment in her quest for greater linguistic purity in
Crikey’s columns.

I fear her campaign for improvement will come
to naught. The effects of the de-spelling of a whole generation will
affect us for a long time, and indeed, with the ill-named and deeply
flawed ‘spell check’ now a fixture, it may never go away. If Crikey
reports that, no doubt it will write that it has come to ‘nought’.

there could be a bipartisan biannual survey of linguistic progress,
which Crikey (and others) could then happily report to be ‘a
bi-partisan bi-annual’ event.