Finland is ruthlessly egalitarian. Everyone is equal, dammit. So don’t get ideas.

There is no royalty, no aristocracy, no elite. And everyone gets paid roughly the same amount of money. And if it isn’t roughly the same gross, it sure is net, after steeply progressive taxes and extensive and generous social welfare transfers. Anyone who presumes, who dares to put their head above the parapet gets brutally attacked. Finns don’t cut tall poppies down to size. They get out the chainsaw and hack them to pieces.

Finland’s ruthless egalitarianism crafts and shapes social dynamics. So while simple self promotion is considered far too revealing and far too blunt – the Finnish ecosystem rewards the patient player, building alliances, skilfully positioning, and securing strategic visibility.

But don’t believe the no-hype. It’s dangerously easy to underestimate a modest Finn. He stoops to conquer.

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