[Re] your item on me yesterday,
when you or one of Beecher’s other minions, wrote of me: “He contacted
writer Guy Rundle (using his wife’s email address) and asked for a copy
of the lyrics.” I can only presume you dragged in my wife to make it
seem I had hidden behind her skirts. Chortle, chortle. In fact, the
email I sent had as its address “From Andrew Bolt and (my wife’s name)”
and was signed “Andrew Bolt” at the end.

Of course, you could
have simply been duped by the malevolent Guy Rundle, an ideological
warrior so pitiless that he says he’d have barracked for Saddam
Hussein’s troops in a real fight with our own, and you wouldn’t have
been the first. But if anyone is to be accused of cowardice, it must be
Rundle himself, who does not have the courage to tell me what he says
about me, and is now reduced to writing fat jokes about Amanda
Vanstone. Such class. When did the Left become such barbarians?

the way, tell Beecher how amusing it is to have him lecture newspapers
on being too driven by entertainment, rather than news, when he
publishes such a farrago of smear and sneer.