A female subscriber whose marital status is inconsequential writes:

is Glenn Dyer going to stop his pathetic and sexist referral to Leila
McKinnon as “the boss’s wife” and similar snide remarks? How many other
journalists on newspapers are married to a boss of some kind? That’s
never mentioned and nor should it be.

The year is 2005, Mr Dyer,
and in case you’ve been in a persistant vegetative state, this century
women are judged on their own merits, not on the name of their
husbands. Especially when the husband in question — David Gyngell —
is your former employer and you have a very obvious and bitter axe to

Keep sexism out of it.

Reader Ray Sanderson chides us on a literary reference in yesterday’s item on Schapelle Corby:

the end of the item, you refer to a “Roger Barrett novel”. Who dis? I
think you may mean well-known Oz author Robert G Barrett who writes the
whacky novels with over-the-top characters. BTW, the Queensland police
have previously said that they could find no connection between Corby
and the drug business, but your report may have disclosed an
(unfortunate for Corby) connection.

following yesterday’s Crikey item about how News Ltd sports columnist
Rebecca Wilson took aim at Nine’s NRL Footy Show and its host Fatty
Vautin, a reader writes:

Your story on Fatty Vautin being bagged by some News Ltd hackette
reminded me that I once ran into Fatty at an airport. He seemed quite
short and not very robust and certainly not large enough to warrant his
name. As an AFL born-and-bred fan who knew of him, I asked him how he
came to get his nickname. He said mysteriously “you haven’t seen it,
mate!” and turned away.

Subscriber Warren Gardiner takes our political editor to task:

really should not use Christian Kerr to report on ALP internal affairs
because his ignorance is embarrassing. Today he described NSW minister
Michael Costa as a “former state secretary” [of the ALP]. Really? I
obviously missed Costa’s reign. I was under the impression that his
Upper House colleagues John Della Bosca and Eric Roozendaal were the
former state secretaries now occupying the government benches in
Macquarie St. Perhaps Christian means that the dreaded Costa previously
ran the Labor Council, the NSW equivalent of the Trades Hall Council.

Do you actually pay Kerr to make such basic mistakes?