Dear GoodWeekend,

I have just learnt from the Crikey website that Mr Sean Condon is no longer to be featured in your increasingly dreary publication. I am horrified.

Mr Sean Condon is quite simply this country’s funniest newspaper columnist.

There is no-one better and you have fired him.

You appear to be a wide selection of nongs and while I will continue to purchase your newspaper and read the good weekend I will wonder to myself more and more why it is that I do. Perhaps one day your apparent plan to make the Age and the Good Weekend completely repugnant to people with brains will succeed and both they and I will be able to cancel our subscriptions.

I really do enjoy the Age and am entirely disillusioned by these changes.

Please pass on to Mr Condon the news that someone has emailed to protest this ridiculousness.

He is also always going on about writing books, has he ever finished one? Do you know where I could buy it?

Andrew M