ACT Labor Left heavy George Wasson is trying to get his faction’s support to take a tilt at incumbent Bob McMullan, the member for Fraser, for the 2007 election. But it’s not always easy in the pre-selection game – ACT branch secretary Matt Cossey also fancies himself as a McMullan replacement and is working hard to that end too.

McMullan, Labor’s finance spokesman until Mark Latham threw a hissy-fit and tossed him from the shadow Cabinet after last year’s election loss, has made it clear he intends to stay and maintain his winning ways – relying on the largely non-factionalised ALP rank and file to support him strongly as they have in the past.

At the 2004 election McMullan won a 3% swing and was elected without going to preferences on a two-party preferred vote of over 63% – hardly a groundswell for his removal.

But with factional warfare consuming Victoria and NSW Labor, why should the states have the fun and games to themselves? Maybe the Capital Territory ALP can score an own-goal for itself.