a fix on the real identity of the average Aussie bloke is easy, right?
He likes beer, and sport, he’s a bit overweight, doesn’t like talking
about his feelings, and isn’t a big fan of talking about politics
either. At least that’s conventional wisdom. But today that image has
been examined by Marketing magazine, no less.

marketing types the question of what constitutes the average Aussie
bloke is quite a bit more than just a good bar-room topic of
conversation – getting a fix on the Aussie male is worth big bucks.
And according to Marketing magazine the Aussie male has changed over the past 15 years and many of the old clichés no longer apply.

to the mag, after the emergence of the SNAG in the early 1990s, the late
1990s saw a resurgence of “blokedom” which one marketing guru also
dubbed “the new laddism.” Then came the last phase in evolution of
Aussie blokes – “metrosexuality.” Marketing informs us that metrosexuality involved drinking wine and getting your hair done, but not necessarily in that order.

after a while even that’s going to get boring. So where to now?
Apparently the pendulum of Aussie maleness is swinging “back towards
blokedom”, but the Aussie male is really “a far more complex character
than ever before.” Either that, or glib marketing generations are
funtamentally useless in describing so diverse a group as Australian
males. Take your pick…