It was almost a full ratings Tuesday night – Dancing with the Stars was back in non-highlights form, All Saints was a new episode and as a result Seven won easily from Nine, which preferred to run a repeat of CSI after the episode of Survivor: Palau.

But the battle continued in the 6pm to 7pm slot, as it has during the Easter break from ‘official’ ratings. After the wins on the holiday Monday evening, Nine News was beaten by Seven News and Today Tonight when ‘normal viewing’ was resumed last night.

But while Seven News won nationally, Nine has another solid win in Sydney, while ACA’s lift in audience share continued. It was beaten narrowly nationally by 14,000 people and in Sydney by a mere 3,000. That will please the new regime at ACA.

Dancing with the Stars though attracted its usual 1.8 million or so viewers to be the most watched program from the CSI repeat on 1.5 million.

Seven won with a 31.3% share to Nine on 27.6%, Ten on 20.1% and the ABC on 15.6%. SBS finished with 5.4%. Seven had a larger win in Sydney, 33.9% to 26.4% and narrower wins in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine won in Brisbane.