Chris Masters, Sarah Curnow and Nick McKenzie write:

In response to your critique of ‘Melbourne Confidential’ we make the following points.

program did not, as you assert, have police “pulling the trigger.” The
program said: “While there is no evidence to show police directly
involved in this one, they were clearly in the background.”

also downplay the Thomas Ivanovic revelation. Ivanovic is godfather to
Dhakota Williams. We understand Carl and Roberta Williams were in court
for the Ivanovic trial. You might argue that drug trafficking and
murder does not qualify Ivanovic as a Mr Big. What made him more of a
key figure, and newsworthy in this scenario, was the link he provided
between the Williams and Dale. Victoria Police certainly thought it
important, as did the Office of Police Integrity, which identified Dale
as a suspect in the leaking of confidential Information Reports (to
among others, the Williams.) Given all this, are you seriously
suggesting Four Corners downplay the connection or ignore these facts?

We appreciate you did say the program was a “ripper.” We still don’t understand what you meant by it being better placed on Australian Story.
We also have no idea who the critics in Melbourne “shouting down” the
story are. But we are curious. There has been a bit of pro-Williams
propaganda turning up in the media. We are sorry to read it again in