The new Federal Liberal member for Canning, Don Randall, is famous for
his line about Cheryl Kernot being as trustworthy as an ally cat on
heat but he is gaining further fame for his efforts when behind the
wheel. And following this piece we have resurrected Crikey’s “Famous
Drink Drivers” list given that it is the festive season.

By way of background, Randall was the forgettable one term member
for the seat of Swan who was kicked out by the voters in 1998 after his
description in the parliament of Cheryl Kernot as having the morals of
an alley cat on heat.

Poor old Don couldn’t get himself a proper job after being dumped so
Senator Ian Campbell obliged him with a job on his staff which allowed
him the time and resources to stack out Liberal Party Branches for his
boss and to get himself endorsed for the less marginal seat of Canning.

As events transpired Randall won Canning with a swing of just 0.42
percent in a climate that Bill Hayden’s drover’s dog could have won by
the length of the straight. Randall’s opponent, Jane Gerick, the
sitting ALP member had been gravely ill with leukemia and had spent
part of the year in hospital. As was to be expected with Randall it was
not a pleasant campaign.

However back to model citizen, honest Don and the State police.

The newspaper article reveals Randall was stopped by a booze bus during
the recent campaign and it transpires that he refused to submit himself
to a breathalyser test. He was subsequently charged and convicted for
refusing the test. Randall was slapped with a six months suspension of
his driver’s licence and fined $800.

This little piece of character defining behaviour by our would be
legislator was kept very quiet during the campaign and failed to reach
the ears of his electors. I suppose some might say he would be a mug to
volunteer the truth to the voters. Others might perhaps have another
view of him.

The reason Randall refused the alcohol level test is not explained by
him but sober, sane law abiding citizens who value their reputation,
license and hip pocket, blow into the bag.

This is not the first time that Mr Randall has been involved in an
unreported alcohol related offence. Randall was charged and convicted
some years ago for a drink driving offence.

Equally Randall did not volunteer his previous drink driving conviction
to the preselection committee delegates on the occasion he stood for
the federal seat of Swan. This was in spite of the fact that the
Liberal Party nomination form asks specifically whether the applicant
has any police convictions.

In the recent media article when asked to explain the failure to own up
to that prior incident also, Randall said his conviction had been
cleansed under the Spent Conviction legislation. However a number of
people who were members of that preselection meeting have no
recollection of such an explanation being given by Randall to the
Liberal Party.

It is not for Crikey to allege that a federal member of parliament
would tell a blatant pork pie to the media or mislead his preselection
committee, so knowing that Don is an avid reader of Crikey, we thought
it only fair to give him the opportunity to send us the evidence that
his conviction was spent at the time of his Swan preselection so we can
publish it for all to see.

Famous Australian drink drivers

AFL Footballers: Chris Mainwaring, David Rhys-Jones, Jim Buckley, Justin Peckitt, Winston Abraham, Martin Pike, Wayne Carey.

Dale Baker: The former Liberal opposition leader and later Minister in
SA got done which is not surprising as he was a real party boy.

Henry Bolte: the former Victorian Premier got done for drink driving but the blood sample famously disappeared.

Wolf Blass: The wine multi-millionaire wrapped his Rolls Royce around a
lamp post or Portrush Rd in Adelaide at 3am one morning and emerged
later that day with a bandaged head but there is no evidence to suggest
it was drink-induced.

Richard Buchanan: the KPMG partner and former close friend of top
Kennett adviser Anna Cronin got famously written up in The Sunday Age
back in about 1993 for being drunk behind the wheel of his Merc. Some
say that Hewson had him lined up to be his Tax Commissioner.

George W Bush: the US President was caught with aussie John Newcombe
somewhere in Maine back in the 70s when Baby Bush had a bit of a
problem with the drink and other not so legal social drugs.

Kate Carnell: whilst Chief Minister of the ACT, Kate rolled her car
whilst returning from her mate Jim Murphy’s farm/winery. Funny thing
was that she didn’t wait around for the police to arrive because “The
ambulance man said I could go”. Of course Kate, as a true defender of
public morals, fronted at the police station the next day to report the
incident – naturally, she offered to submit to a breath test then and
there. Crikey believes she was stone cold sober all the way and the
imputations here are probably unfair.

Bob Charles: The Federal Liberal MP got off with a good behaviour bond after blowing 0.145%.

Pat Conlon: The South Australian opposition police spokesman has been sprung a couple of times.

Jim Courier: the tennis was done in Nov 1999

Garry Dellar: The ACT Magistrate was convicted for his third
drink-drive offence on 2 April 1998 and the ACT chief magistrate Ron
Cahill suspended his licence for 9 months and fined him $750.

Quentin Dempster: The ABC stateline host in NSW has one conviction but we’re yet to get the details.

Collette Dinnigan: Lachlan Murdoch’s favourite fashion designer got a
second conviction last year for blowing .06 after four glasses of red.

John Elliott: This guy is one of the biggest drinkers around so it came
as no surprise when he lost his licence last year and was reportedly an
arrogant tosser when dealing with the policewoman.

Gareth Evans: Got done in Melbourne in 2000 driving home from a dinner with a European ambassador.

Margaret Fink: the film maker was up for a second time when she got off
with a fine and short term license loss. Her observation afterwards
was: “Next time I’ll use Ken Horler”.

Justice John Gallop: Raymond Hoser claims that the ACT Supreme Court
Judge was picked up with a blood alcohol limit of .1 and was fined
without a conviction or licence suspension.

Mary Gillett: The Labor member for Werribee in Victoria had a couple of
run-ins with a breathalyser and even lost the licence for a short

Kathryn Greiner: Subscribers recall she was pulled over in the Blue
Mountains and was over the limit but somehow charges were not laid.
Coincidentally, hubby Nick was NSW Opposition leader at the time.

Dave Grohl: The Nirvana/Foo Fighters guru copped a fine and no
conviction in the Gold Coast court in 2000, for being drunk on a rented
motor scooter. Our spy reckons he might have blown .15%.

David Hamill: The former Queensland Labor Treasurer must be the
unluckiest bastard alive. He got done in 2000 with a reading of 0.052%
after leaving a function in Ipswich. One thimble of light too many it

Tim Howard: The PM’s son clocked 0.08 after attending a swanky night club launch in Sydney.

Alan Jones: the famous car driver got done for drink driving in the
early 80’s and claimed his orange juice had been spiked according to
one subscriber.

Big Kev: Wasn’t too excited about blowing 0.121 recently.

Barton Lynch: the former surfing world champion got done for being 3 times the limit but kept his licence.

Sir Edward Lyons: Evan Whitton’s excellent book, “The Hillbilly
Dictator”, covers this one nicely. Sir Ted was Joh’s closest adviser
and got done whilst driving his Roller home to Holland Park one night.
Appropriate strings (Russ Hinze and Terry Lewis) were pulled and the
charge duly disappeared – until, despite his colleagues’ advice to the
contrary, one honest cop physically retrieved the crumpled-up charge
sheet from the waste paper bin at the City Watchhouse and made sure it
went through the system.

Mimi Macpherson: In April 2001 Elle’s younger sister lost her licence
for 9 months and was fined $350 for driving the wrong way down a
one-way street and blowing .095.

Alannah McTiernan: Labor’s new transport minister in WA was famously
pinged in 2000 and also had some skeletons in the closet but new
Premier Geoff Gallop decided not to move her.

Susie Maroney: The super swimmer certainly got charged but we’re still checking the details.

Darren Millane: The Collingwood star killed himself at great speed so
he could never be charged with being 0.314 back in the early 1990s
after a bender that lasted a few days.

Mick Palmer: Former CLP transport minister in the Northern Territory so
we’d expect nothing less than having a DUI skeleton in the closet.

Keanu Reeves: the actor was done in May 1993.

Dennis Rodman: the former Chicago Bulls bad boy got done in December 1999 and blew 0.15.

Darryl Somers: got let off without a conviction despite blowing .098
after drinking 5 glasses of wine and then getting behind the wheel on
November 9 2000. One of the reasons was his unblemished record over 25
years and his community and charity work.

Fiona Snedden: The daughter of former Liberal leader Billy Snedden was
charged around the same time she was the pre-selected candidate for
Melbourne Ports but Hoser’s book does not know the outcome.

Lady Sonia McMahon: Billy’s widow blew .13 but got off with a caution, a $1000 fine and a 12-month bond.

Syd Sterling: The NT Labor MP fessed up on radio a few years back to
being sprung badly on ANZAC Day having had a few too many sherbets and
losing his licence. Then the radio announcer, Darwin’s own Fred McCue,
fessed up that he’d been done some years before too. Maybe it’s a
Darwin thing.

Greg Matthews: In May 2001 the former test cricketer lost his licence for 12 months and was fined $700 after blowing 0.18.

Sam Newman: The Footy Show idiot is riding his bike after being rubbed
out for drinking too much at the Crown casino and then driving his
Porsche around to some poor woman’s house.

Lady Susan Renouf: Not sure of the legal formalities but Lady Susan ran
into someone in Double Bay after a long lunch but was not at the scene
when the police arrived.

Paul Rofe: The South Australian Director of Public Prosecutions would like to forget the time he got pinged for DD.

Aden Ridgeway: Was just over the limit when pulled over in the Blue
Mountains a couple of months before the federal election. Given that
alcohol abuse is such an issue in Indigenous communities, this was most
unfortunate for their only Federal Parliamentarian to be caught doing

Alan Schwab: The late AFL administrator lost his licence for 2 years
back in the 80s when Crikey used to go to his place for barbies put on
by his step-daughter.

Mike Smith: The former editor of The Age and now chairman of spinning
outfit Webber-Shandwick was charged in 1992 but got off. His lawyer was
The Age’s defo expert Peter Bartlett from Minter Ellison.

Louise Staley: the woman defeated in the preselection battle for
Crikey’s former safe Liberal seat of Menzies has been done twice for
drink driving which did not help her chances.

Chris Strong: Victorian Upper House Liberal MP who blew .129 one
Saturday night in early 2000 down in Brighton. Media reports from the
time recall that this was the highest blood alcohol reading in the
State for that night.

David William Tollner. New CLP Member of the House of Representitives
for the NT seat of Solomon. He got bagged well before the election and
convicted just after it. This is the same bloke that turned up at a
booth in the wrong electorate and, hence, was unable to vote for

Michael Yabsley: The former NSW Prisons Minister blew 0.18% but
Magistrate Jeff Lindon let him off without fine, loss of licence or
conviction, according to Hoser’s book.

Stephen Whelan: son of the former police NSW Minister – allegedly blew
5 times the limit – was initially allowed to keep his provisional
licence but after an appeal from the DPP it was cancelled. Not
surprising given that his dad owns a few pubs.