By Glenn Dyer

So what’s going on at Sunday Sunrise in the Seven network’s Sydney newsroom?

Adam Boland has emerged as the second most important person in Seven News and Current Affairs, after the Director, Peter Meakin, that is?

He’s seized control of Sunday Sunrise, with Meakin’s approval.

The executive producer of the very successful weekday Sunrise program has extended his reach and snared the Sunday Sunrise program, producing the proffered resignation last Wednesday night of the existing EP, Sabra Lane.

She’s staying another couple of weeks for the ‘transition’.

Boland has apparently been lobbying Meakin for a while now with ideas on how to lighten and brighten Sunday Sunrise, and last week the bait was taken.

Lane apparently was kept out of the loop, except in general terms and offered her resignation when told by Meakin of the proposed changes.

Sunday Sunrise is Seven’s attempt to be an agenda setting program on Sunday mornings as it competes with Business Sunday and Sunday on Nine, Insiders and Inside Business on the ABC and Meet the Press on Ten.

If there is any attempt to lighten Sunday Sunrise, the first thing that Boland will have to do is resolve the question of the host. Either incumbent, the ‘solid’ Chris Reason, or recall the first host, Chris Bath. The latter move is though unlikely seeing as it was being urged on a reluctant Meakin by others at Seven in recent weeks.

Viewers will have to wait to see if the Boland’s ideas for Sunday Sunrise will mean a flicking of the political and business content for something resembling Sunrise Monday to Friday.

In turn, if that happens, will Nine stay with Business Sunday and Sunday or follow Seven down the lightweight track and ditch its two heavyweights.

Meanwhile there’s a small chortle at the Nine’s embattled A Current Affair. They have scooped up Today Tonight’s Brisbane reporter, Chris Allen.

This was after Seven told Allen in December that he would be re-signed to a new contract. Two months later, no new deal, so Nine swooped.