Crikey’s recent subscriber survey has thrown up a truck-load of interesting insights about the Crikey community. For instance, we asked how often subscribers give us news tips. 34% said never, 46% rarely, but an encouraging 18% said they do it on a semi-regular basis but not more than once a week. If almost one fifth of our paying subscribers, that is 1000 people, are really tipping us this often, that’s quite a deluge of email inflow.

We then asked the following question: “If you have ever had material that you thought would be perfect for Crikey, but didn’t send it, please explain why.”

50% said they’d never had such material, 19% said they didn’t trust their ability to leak it without being caught, 9% said they’d sent material before that didn’t get a run and 8% said they didn’t trust Crikey to maintain their anonymity.

There were also another 200-or-so open-ended responses which included lines such as:

“Had a fair amount that has been run and so am quite happy but obviously I would prefer to see everything run! Crikey seems a bit more timid about running stuff of late but I think this is what gives Crikey its character.”

“Received absolutely no response. Mayne has his own agenda and does not allow much scope for contrary ideas.”

“Rules around declaring anonymity not clear.”

CRIKEY: Fair points. I was absolutely hopeless at thanking people for their contributions or encouraging them to send more. Running a receiver model, I was flat out keeping up with the 200 emails a day and actually culled the boss inbox from 25,000 to 22,000 emails this weekend. However, new Crikey is already showing signs of significant improvement in this area. I for one am actually emailing people soliciting for stories and the anonymous tips box is generating some great content. Why don’t you give it a go here.

Alternatively, just email [email protected] with any decent tip or if it is in my area of business, try [email protected].

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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