I am a contractor working in a Melbourne Aussie Post delivery centre and
confirm what was written about holding up of mail is correct.
Monday is the busiest day of the week with Tuesday being the
slackest. What
drives this is that the branch manager gets a cash bonus
annually for any
financial savings that he or she can make in that particular
depot regardless
of the amount of mail that comes through it. All the mail for
each route is
weighed and that amount is fed into a computer program and it
determines how
long it should take to sort and deliver although it doesnt take
into account
weather or traffic conditions. If the postie arrives back later
than the
alloted time, they have to explain to the manager why they were late
and what
they were doing.

And another subscriber writes:

This made me laugh, Since early February I’ve not been receiving all my
and have received no mail since 21 Feb. It took a couple of weeks of
going into my local post office before I could find out how to
complain (the post
office doesn’t like to give out information like that it
seems, so unless you
say the magic words they won’t help you) and since I
lodged the form I’ve heard

To top it off, for the last couple of days I’ve tried ringing the
complaints line to follow up the written complaint – only to find that
each time
I select the specific complaints option on the IVR I’m cut off! If
you don’t
believe me try it yourself: 131318 then select option 2 then option 3.

This from the mail organisation that claims to be amongst the best in the world.

And Brian Robson writes:

I can verify the claim that Australia Post is holding back mail – I received
renewal notice for my Post Office Box account, in my PO Box, on 14 March.
date of issue printed on the renewal form is 22 February.

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