Steve Cannane’s hard-hitting Triple J current affairs program Hack gave Crikey’s Larry Anthony yarn a good burst last night, and also raised the question of which other ministers who have cashed in from their direct expertise. Such as:

  • Graham Richardson, the former Labor Communications minister who become Kerry Packer’s political fixer.
  • John Sharp, John Howard’s first transport minister, who popped up as an adviser to Ansett during the grounding crisis of 2001.
  • Richard Face, Bob Carr’s former racing and gaming minister who was nailed by ICAC for using ministerial resources to help set up his new liquor and gaming consultancy a couple of years back.
  • George Gear, Paul Keating’s assistant treasurer, who turned up as a promoter of a tax-effective investment scheme, as you can see in this Four Cornerstranscript from 2001.
  • David White, the Victorian state Labor minister who drafted the legislation giving Tattersalls its $2 billion gaming licence for free in 1991, popped up working for Hawker Britten as a lobbyist for Tatts to the Bracks Government.

Any others? We have the makings of a good list here. Keep them coming to [email protected].