Macquarie Bank had its annual bash at Parliament House last
night with the usual impressive turnout, even more so given the GG had
invited all MPs over to his house for a cuppa at the same
time. But then again the GG does not give the same quality gifts
to all those who attend.

The treasurer said a few words to the gathering followed by food and
drink for the masses. The Factory had all its stars on show including
its latest member, that ex-member for Parramatta – Ross Cameron. The committed
family man seemed oblivious to the discomfort of his former colleagues and the
mirth of his political opponents as he paraded around like a peacock
trying out his latest pick up line: “We must do lunch.” No doubt the man
who once loudly touted his Christian and family values plans to give
the Mac Bank credit card a good working over in the next few weeks.

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