Who provided media training for Greg Maguire before his Senate
committee appearance yesterday? Trying to traduce whistleblowing
Independent MP Tony Windsor, he used one of the oldest stunts in the
book – thumping the table – to get the grab he wanted used by TV and
radio. And it succeeded, with Maguire getting his message out on the
evening news buletins. Today’s broadsheet coverage was a little more
penetrating — Businessman admits ‘roll over’ call to MP.

last high-profile Senate committee table thumper was probably Kerry
Packer. But, think about it: are Tamworth businessmen the sort who
rhythmically thump tables when they’re talking? Someone trained him to
do this – and he did it well. The whole performance was rehearsed and
well polished, and reminds us of the well-crafted media releases that
appeared in the press gallery back when this issue blew up late last

And who was distributing Maguire’s media releases back
then? No need to look a million miles away from the office of the
squeaky clean, distinguished Hon The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

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