from rescuing a 104-year-old Chinese granny from deportation, our
doughty immigration minister, Amanda Vanstone, has acted to protect us
from dangerous Liberian war criminals. In a Commonwealth Gazette issued
on Wednesday, Vanstone declared verboten a coterie of dodgy characters
who’ve been participating in various African conflicts.

Chief amongst them is former Liberian strongman Charles Taylor Jr. who,
just to make sure of positive identification, is also listed under the
alias “Chuckie”. But the name on Vanstone’s List that really got us
intrigued was a fellow named Adolphus Saye Dolo, aka “General Peanut
Butter”. Now there’s an operator with a storied past.

prompts a sticky thought: which promoter wants to stump up the cash for
a cage fight between the two titans of Africa and Australia – the
Incredible Bulk vs General Peanut Butter. Place your bets, please.