Politics is one of the few professions where you can retire and get a pension no matter how young you are, although Mark Latham has ended this for the next generation. However, many former ministers double dip by rejoining the private sector as this Crikey list demonstrates.

Lynne Arnold (SA Labor Premier): became CEO of World Vision Australia
Dale Baker (SA Liberal, Primary Industries Minister): Agribusiness investor, winery owner
John Bannon (SA Labor Premier): lawyer
Alan Brown (Vic Liberal Transport Minister): Wonthaggi entrepreneur
Brian Burke (WA Labor Premier): Out of jail, lobbyist and CFMEU consultant
John Button (Fed Labor Industry Minister) was a director of Vision Systems
Robert Fordham (Vic Labor Deputy Premier): Head of Gippsland business association
Robin Gray (Tasmanian Liberal Premier): Agribuisiness investor, director of Gunns
Wayne Goss (Queensland Labor Premier): director Webcentral, Peplin Biotech, Adjunct Professor Qld Uni law school
Nick Greiner (NSW Liberal Premier) Multi-millionaire professional director on more boards than any other Australian.
Phil Gude (NSW Liberal Minister): Partner in PR firm, professional director.
Gerry Hand (Federal Labor Immigration Minister): Consultant, casino investor (Christmas Island)
Bob Hawke (Labor PM): multi-millionaire property developer, investor and consultant on Asia
Don Haywood (Vic Liberal Education Minister): Director of Abigroup, Melbourne Airport, Melbourne Zoo.
Rex Jackson (NSW Labor Prisons Minister): hot dog stall proprietor in Heathcote
Rob Jolly (Vic ALP Treasurer) environmental consultant, appointed by Bracks to government advisory body.
Paul Keating (Federal Labor PM): Multi-millionaire investor and consultant specialising on Asia.
Ros Kelly (Fed Labor Environment Minister): environmental consultant working for Dames & Moore.
Jim Kennan (Vic Labor Attorney General): self-appointed QC, consultant specialising on India.
Jeff Kennett (Vic Liberal Premier) chairman of Beyond Blue, golf promoter
Michael Knight (NSW Olympics Minister): consultant to Athens and construction industry
Michael Lavarch (Keating Attorney General): secretary general Law Council of Australia
Wendy Machin (NSW Consumer Affairs Minister) corporate affairs for SCI, world’s biggest funeral parlour company.
Steve Martin (ALP Federal Speaker): vice chancellor Victoria University
Wal Murray (NSW Nat Leader, Deputy Premier) Moree fish shop proprietor
John Olson (SA Lib Premier): Commonwealth Agent-General in LA
Andrew Peacock (Federal Liberal Foreign Affairs): chairman Boeing Australia
Neil Pope (Vic Labor IR Minister): IR consultant
Peter Reith (Fed Lib IR and Defence Minister): Agent-General in London
Graham Richardson (Federal Labor, Communications and Health Minister) Kerry Packer’s political fixer
Sussan Ryan (Fed Labor Education Minister): superannuation lobbyist, former NRMA director
Warwick Smith (Fed Liberal Sports Minister): head of external relations at Macquarie Bank
Alan Stockdale (Vic Liberal Treasurer): head of external relations Macquarie Infrastructure Group.
Barry Unsworth (NSW Labor Premier): Director of Tempo Services
Evan Walker (Vic Labor Planning Minister): visiting professor at Melbourne Uni, consultant to Bracks government.
Robert Webster (NSW Nat, Planning Minister): executive director of International Banking Association.
Gary West (NSW National, Energy Minister): corporate and government affairs chief at Unilever.
David White (Vic Labor Industry Minister): Hawker Britton chief fixer in Melbourne
Neville Wran (NSW Labor Premier) director Webcentral and Cabcharge