Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs…

Sorry subscribers, we’re a bit obsessed by employment issues at the moment down here at the renovated inner suburban yoga studio that’s serving as New Crikey HQ (we’ve nicknamed it “Victory Mansions”).

What with the national skills shortage crisis juxtaposing with tomorrow’s transition to the New Crikey team, we’re even more self-obsessed than usual. Naval-gazing has plumbed fresh depths. Acres of lint have been removed as we assess the ramifications. And the good news, dear subscribers, is this:

New Crikey promises to be more revolutionary and even tastier than New Coke, more focussed and customer-driven than OneTel – yet just as comfy & homespun as a Martha Stewart pair of paisley drapes.

As the outgoing publisher keeps reminding us: no amateurs allowed! Yep, it’s spit & polished brogues, pinstripe suits and high heels, executive perks and golden handcuffs going forward for your “hard-working Crikey Crew*”.

Copy will be edited for libel, accuraccy and spelling mishtakes. Think daily news conferences – we’ve even heard rumours of fixed, reliable deadlines! Swoon!

Yet the changeover promises to be seamless, and you’ll still enjoy the comforting vision of your daily Crikey lobbing in the Inbox – delivering you that special “goof-off” moment in the office. While the soon-to-be-former-Publisher expects to be spending more time on the golf course, don’t expect your “hard working Crikey Crew*” to slack off.

Take a deep breath, subscribers, you’re in for a treat. It’ll be like coming off the Prozac straight onto the Chivas Regal and Peter Costello’s homebaked custard tarts. Mmmmmm. Tasty. A diet rich in iron and innuendo. Think a Model-T Ford morphing into a racing red 1967 Thunderbird. No, a rocket ship. A dotcom startup striking yellowcake in the backyard. You get the picture. It’s huge, and we’re all excited.

Enjoy, and keep those tips, scoops, feedback and fury coming to [email protected]

*Trademark pending