A very mixed morning yesterday for the various business and political chat shows, with the ABC and Ten’s shows doing better. Seven’s Sunrise was a big loser, as was Business Sunday on Nine and the Sunday program, which is down on its good figures of 300,000 plus of the past few weeks.

But the ABC’s Insiders and Inside Business were better performers, while Meet the Press’s big jump was boosted by the start of the Formula One car race at 9am yesterday. But then the car race was on a year earlier, so this year’s boost was better than last year.

Sunday Sunrise: 109,004 (152,718)
Business Sunday: 159,139 (185,220)
Sunday 288,572: (320,804)
Insiders 159,037: (139,912)
Inside Business: 84,905 (82,631)
Meet The Press: 148,818 (117,204)

Here’s our completely subjective rating of yesterday’s Sunday morning chat shows.

Business Sunday: 6.5 out of 10 (good mix, but soft)
Sunday Sunrise: 7.5 (the PM counts)
Meet the Press: 6.5 (that direction in Smith interview)
Insiders: 6.5 (for insiders)
Inside Business: 7.0 (good mix)
Sunday: 8.0 (tops for the royals story and Macquarie Fields)

Footnote: The Formula one was watched by 1.524 million people (race only) compared to 1.540 million in 2004, so just a slight easing in the audience size.