A subscriber writes:

Further to Pemberton Strong’s Jetstar piece in today’s Crikey, regular Gold Coast travellers are dumbfounded at the crap served up as service by the red rabble.

Having been caught out two weeks ago I can confirm that standing at the check in desk 26 minutes before the flight (as opposed to their 30 minute Hitleresque demand) means you ain’t getting on the plane buddy. I thought it a bit stiff as I only had a briefcase for a Coolangatta to Sydney and return same day, and what’s four minutes between a regular customer (me) and them? I felt for the two other bizzos behind me who had baggage, but none of us made it on board. Once the Jetstar staffer said “I stand here all day explaining this to you people” I realised we were not alone. But to push annoyance to outright outrage, when asked for the best place to make a complaint, the poor besieged bugger behind the counter picked up a pre-printed slip from a pile he had and handed it over, it read:


Jetstar Airways Pty Limited
Customer Relationships
P O Box 4713
Melbourne VIC 3001

There is no e-mail or Customer Care telephone facility available. Customers can only write to Jetstar.

Guess we can assume they are getting a few complaints if they have them ready at the hip. Surprising thing for many is that they actually have a department called Customer Relationships, you’d think that customer relationships start with service, and if you can’t get that at the business end of the deal, why would I bother writing to them. I did my $200 cold. No refund. They did a regular Jetstar/Qantas flyer cold. Most business types I know on the coast have made the switch to Virgin already. I am a slow learner. Show me the Emirates phone number too.